Terms of Use

Latest Indian Deals which will be referred throughout this document as “we”, “us” and “our” is a digital marketplace for retail coupons and discount offers and it is accessible through this website published us www.latestndiandeals.in or through any other websites bearing our brand name. Our services include accessing coupons and offers of many third-party merchants that can be redeemed for online purchases. By using these services whether as a registered user or not, you will abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in this document entitled as Terms of Use. These terms will govern your right to access and use of the services and it will be the sole legal condition governing your relationship with Latest Indian Deals. We request you to read these terms which will be binding upon all your uses and transactions with Latest Indian Deals.

If you do not find find these terms satisfactory and do not agree upon, please do not use or engage with the services offered by Latest Indian Deals.

Unsolicited and unauthorised access, unauthorised distribution, reproduction, publication, sale, manipulation (commercial or otherwise), exploitation or any other type of unauthorised use of any portion of our site including this present document is completely prohibited.


Latest Indian Deals is the digital marketplace that provides discounts on products of third party merchants available online for purchase. These discount coupons are rolled out by the third party merchants and they will be available for everyone. These coupons generally become available for a specified time frame as decided by the promotional criteria of the merchants and beyond that time frame they will be redeemed as expired or useless. Some discount coupons are even available for the shortest amount of time like a few hours or just a day. This is why it is very important to avail the discount coupons timely and on a regular basis. The objective behind rolling out these discount coupons in the form of lucrative deals is to boost the sales of certain products for the merchants within a specified time and at the same time promoting the business brand of third party merchants and making publicity of their products.


Latest Indian Deals upholds right of privacy as an important attribute of the present terms of service and therefore the separate Privacy Policy document provided on our website is considered to be a part of this Terms of Use.

User Generated Content

Latest Indian Deals may not review all user generated contents but nevertheless consider them as value additions for the website. However, Latest Indian Deals reserves the ultimate right to discard or publish any contents posted by the users.

The users by posting any type of contents through our website, need to provide warranty for the following things:

You are solely responsible for the contents posted and any contents published represent the user’s own interest and consent and do not represent any kind of authorisation or consent from the Latest Indian Deals.

By posting any contents on our site the user irrevocably agrees posting contents that are not directly or indirectly violating any copyright, patent, trademark, right of privacy, and intellectual property right.

Whenever posting any contents users also agree upon not posting any contents that include the following attributes.

  • Sexually explicit contents, pornography, sexual or nude images
  • Contents featuring explicit, vulgar, or obscene terms or meaning the same
  • Hateful or abusive contents
  • Contents that directly or indirectly promote illegal activities
  • Contents referring to any political, religious or social organisations whether in positive or negative terms
  • Contents promoting piracy or duplication
  • Contents with susceptible for phishing or spreading malware
  • Contents humiliating or abusive to any person or organisation or other entities
  • Contents violating any law or regulation directly or indirectly
  • Any type of contents deemed as inappropriate, unsuitable or offensive as per the moral and ethical standard decided by us

By contributing any contents to our website, or by giving us your feedback or by sharing with us your ideas and suggestions, you are providing us a complete, royalty- free, unconditional right to publish the contents in relation to our service, whether on promotional documents or on our website.

Terms of Acceptable Use

Latest Indian Deals provides you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and personally specific license for accessing and using the services offered through our website and channels bearing our brand name. The terms of use is totally restricted to your personal use and enjoyment as per the rules mentioned here in this document. Any breach of this terms of use that include attempting any potentially harmful activities against the services or brand name or people associated with it, will lead to immediate termination of your registered account along with all your user rights.

Some of the conditions that users need to abide by as part of the Terms of Use include the following

  • Using the services that deemed to be a contravention of any other legally validated agreement to which you are a party
  • Allowing any other person to represent you as a person
  • Sharing your login information and password with any other person
  • Logging into any administrative or server account that you are not authorised to
  • Creating several accounts by the same person or creating fake accounts
  • Attempting to violate the security of the service by any means
  • Using any manual means or software to crawl or spider any of the web pages
  • Interfering with the services with any makpractices such as spamming, virus overloading, flooding, mail bombing and other means that can make the performance of the services suffer
  • Using any machines, bots or software to use the services without the authorised access meant for the user as a person
  • Using the services for collecting personal information of other users
  • Using the services to promote or solicit any other products or services without our permission
  • Attempting to copy, reproduce or reuse the source code of our website or app that makes the service available
  • Using hyperlinks of our services without any prior consent
  • Any type of activities that are equal to the disruption of the services or undermining the quality of the service

Terms Concerning Accuracy

Latest Indian Deals gives no warranty for authenticity and accuracy of any offers or claims made by the third party merchants through the discount coupons, limited period offers, rebates, freebies, etc.

Latest Indian Deals will not be responsible for redeeming the value offering made by any coupon, rebate, discounts, etc. that are posted by the third party merchants through our services. We are also not responsible for any change of information concerning the offers, discounts, coupons, availability and specific product attributes posted by the third party merchants through their website.

We are not liable to review all the products made available through the services and hence we do not guarantee the quality, the accuracy of claims concerning the products, fitness of use and other aspects. We do not give any warranty for replacement of products, repairing or grievance addressal concerning the products made available by the third party merchants

In no circumstances Latest Indian Deals will be responsible for any kind of damages whether they are consequential or incidental or direct or indirect in nature that can arise out any offer from the third party merchants, irrespective of whether such damages have been done on the basis of contract, strict liability, TORT or other legal recommendations about liability and regardless of whether Latest Indian Deals have been given any actual or constructive notice regarding the possibility of the damages.


Latest Indian Deals clearly states that any linking made to our website or any of the contents does not guarantee any consenting endorsement or affiliation of our services by any third party. We are not responsible for linking any of our website pages or contents by the third arty websites. Any other website can make use of our published contents for their own gains and so, we request users to read and follow privacy policy and terms of use to prevent misunderstanding in this regard.

Trademark Information

Hereby we clearly state that the Latest Indian Deals trademarks, trade names, service marks, and our brand logos and specific brand features that regularly feature through our services represent collectively trademark of Latest Indian Deals and they are the properties of Latest Indian Deals. Without prior permission and proper consent nobody is entitled to use any of these trademarks, logos, brand names, and copyrighted brand features in any manner. The third party trademarks and logos appearing on our website does not mean our affiliation or relationships with their business identity.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

Latest Indian Deals hereby clearly states that all the business rights, brand title and interest in the services that include the technology and trade secrets used for our services, all copyrights, patents, algorithms, design elements, and several other proprietary rights, and their derivatives solely exclusively belongs to Latest Indian Deals and its licensors. Nobody including the third oarty merchants have no right to modify, remove, tweak, augment, delete, enhance, translate, participate with any of these intellectual properties of our services. Nobody is permitted in whole or in part to reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit, adapt, republish, display and perform any of these pages covered by intellectual property rights.



The services provided by Latest Indian Deals are made available on an “As Is” and “As Available” basis and therefore we do not make any warranty of any kind whether in expressed or implied terms about the operation, availability of the services, and availability of the contents, materials and products through our services. We request you to use the services completely at your own risk. We also do not warrant that our services, servers and emails sent by us are free from viruses or malicious elements.


The users of our services are solely responsible for any interactions with the third party merchants and purchase of their offers. These offerings come under the jurisdiction of applicable law and therefore you agree hereby to release Latest Indian Deals from any claims and liability related to the products and services offered by any third party merchants through our website. We will not be responsible for any failure of the merchants to comply with the applicable law.

Limitation of Liability

Latest Indian Deals will not be accountable for any kind of damages incurred including direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or other types of damages arising out of the services.

Restricted Access

We at Latest Indian Deals impose certain restrictions of access to certain areas of our website. For these areas and also for all other areas on our website we hold absolute right to restrict access to the some specific or users as a whole. In case we find, some users to exercise any manipulation to enter such restricted areas, we have the right to disable the disable the account of the responsible user without any prior notification.

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