Unique Gifts You Can Think of Your Special One This Valentine

Valentines Day is around the corner and this is the time of the year we look for some unique gifts that can come as a surprise lovable object for the special one in our life. While Valentines Day irrevocably makes you think of some beautiful gifts, finding something unique and really adorable is not always easy. It needs serious pondering over multitude of options. Some gifts are really timeless while there are many that are equally adorable for the he or she in your beloved. Let us furnish here a few cute, adorable and unique gift ideas this Valentines Day.

1. A digital camera for selfie

The sweet relationship with selfies seems to continue without end. After the push from smartphones a dedicated feature has now become one of the mainstays of digital cameras as well. This Valentines Day a great digital camera capable to shoot awesome selfies can really be a superb gift choice for both him or her. There are several lucrative options as well. Some of the most recommended choices include Fujifilm X70, Panasonic DMC GX8 Mirrorless and Pentax K-S2 DSLR. Obviously, it is not likely to be a cheap gift but a priceless one for sure.

2. Hi-tech jewellery

If your better half has been bored with the flash jewelries, this Valentines Day give her as urprise with a hi-tech jewelry. From USB embedded bracelets to a necklace allowing hands-free communication we have a whole array of unique smart jewelry options combining style and technology. If your partner is really a frequent flight hopper, an USB bracelet with 2GB storage space can help her access data more easily. Philips and Swarovski recently teamed up together coming up with a hi-tech product called ‘Active Crystals’ that besides offering the look of a stylish necklace can also work as a wearable USB drive and earphone. For the smart generation girlfriend of yours this can be a cute surprise this Valentines Day.

3. An affordable shooting drone

We all live drones since we all find it amazing to control a flying object on the air while making it grab our photos from the bird’s-eye- view height. Yes, with so many extraordinary drones with mounted camera available in the market, choosing one for your Valentines Day gift is not an easy task, especially if you cannot go all out with your budget. Most budget drones under $100 price tag will be able to fly in the air for not more than 15 minutes at a stretch. A few of them allows even live streaming capacity and HD quality video. As for flying range you can get 100 to 300 meter range with most of these drones.

4. A pair of smart shoes

Is your boyfriend is an addict to computer games? Do you want to surprise him with something really cool for his game playing experience? If he is already accustomed to his regular gaming consoles, joysticks and PlayStation, you can surprise him with something new and exceptional. Yes, a pair of smart shoes that can really interact with the game interface with body movement is surely to add more addiction to the gaming experience.

5. A cool Bluetooth headphone

There are hundreds of Bluetooth headphones in the market that can play great music, offer smooth transition from listening music to receiving calls and allow deliver ultimate ease of wearing them in the ear holes. Whether your better half is an avid music listener or a fitness freak or a busy sales professional needing to attend frequent phone calls, an advanced Bluetooth headset can just make his life easy. There are several top notch options along with too many budget choices as well. Never forget the battery life to consider while buying a headphone for your dude.

6. Cool smart furniture

What about giving your beloved a nice cure chair with a hidden storage space underneath? Well, furniture these days are getting smarter with gorgeously low footprint design with hidden storage to clear the entire clutter of things. In case you find those plush multipurpose sofas as expensive as gifts, a wooden couch or a recliner with a little hidden space can be a great addition to the room where your beloved spends most part of the day.