Planning To Buy Your First DSLR? Things To Consider

Whether you are new to the world of pursuing photography hobby or you are planning to upgrade your equipment you need to think about buying a DSLR camera. Now there are many number of DSLR cameras out there in the market so how are you going to choose the right one? Now the thing is that every camera comes with some special features and so it becomes difficult to tell which one you can buy.  There are a few things which you need to consider and they are:

Sensor size

Now this is something that you cannot compromise. This is quite an important feature and a good number of people are not aware of it. Every DSLR camera comes with an image sensor. It is what records the image that we focus through the viewfinder. In case the sensor is big it will be able to record more information and you will get clearer picture. You can go for the largest sensor size which is called as the full frame. They come in the size of 35 mm film and by making use of this you will get image quality and maximum clarity. Some cameras even come with crop sensors which are smaller in size. It is always better to check online Indian shopping offers to buy one.

Megapixel resolution

We have seen that image sensors are one of the major factors for image quality, the clarity of photos, especially the ones with larger size depends on megapixels.  Now this is not the same and megapixels are not that important as people say. When you choose a DSLR camera the entry level one comes with 15 megapixels so at the majority of the time it is all about marketing. In short when it comes to DSLR cameras chances are very thin that you will see two of them differentiated by the number of megapixels.

Video recording

If you have plans to use your DSLR cameras for video recording then it is important that you check the camera specifications for its recording qualities. Some of the cameras come with non-HD recording or it’s limited to 720p while there are some which comes with full HD 1080p recording. Rates are available for different recording lens and with higher rates you will have better motion captured.

Now this feature may matter to your or not depending the frequency of the video recording you are going to make use the camera. So even in case you are not planning to use your camera for recording, this factor is worth looking for. This may come in handy in future if you plan to take some. Again, taking videos using a DSLR is very much different from that of other cameras available in the market.

Modes and editing features

All the DSLR cameras have features like portrait, landscape, night, action and like that. Some of the cameras come with modes and features which are brand specific and you will be able to experience it through your camera use. Once you are experienced you can work on the manual mode but, in the early years the specific modes that comes with the cameras can lend you a hand. The expensive ones may have better features and for a better deal you can opt for Tatacliq coupons when buying.

Lens and body details matters too. It is a fact that we don’t invest in DSLR cameras daily and so keeping these points in mind and making a right choice is important.